Peyton Manning – Know When to Say When

Denver Broncos According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning would like to keep playing. Really ?

“He’d like to keep playing. In a perfect world, he’d like to keep playing. The question is who’s going to give him an opportunity. And it’s tough to identify that team right now that’s willing to sign him to the deal that makes it worthwhile for him, that allows him to continue playing.” Schefter told ESPN’s Mike & Mike Show, and added “The market would likely be extremely limited.”

Why is it so hard for athletes to walk away. Manning won his second Super Bowl title in Super Bowl 50, albeit he was not a large reason why, unless you call your quarterback being a good “game manager” a contributor.

What teams would be interested ? That list has to be small at best.

More from Schefter..

Schefter reported that, in the end, the Rams probably won’t sign Manning. But if he’s playing anywhere in 2016, Los Angeles makes the most sense.

Johnny Unitas finished with the San Diego Chargers in 1973. Joe Namath played for the Rams in 1977. Both were un-spectacular in their golden years of playing.

The Houston Texans have not a viable option at QB in some time, but does Manning fit the role there?

Picking at No. 23, they could miss out on the consensus top-three picks — Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch. If they’re outmaneuvered and unhappy with the eventual free-agent offerings, a year of Peyton Manning could beat the alternative.

I hope Manning comes to his senses soon and rides off into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and joins John Elway as a quarterback who knew when to say when .