Do the Warriors Rest or Push for Wins Record for Regular Season?

Push or not push that is the big question the Golden State Warriors coaches must face over the final three regular season games of the 2015-16 NBA season.

On Thursday night, the Warriors defeated the No. 2 team in the league the San Antonio Spurs 112-101. With the win, the Warriors need to finish the season 3-0 to break the single season wins record that was set in 1995-95 by the Chicago Bulls at 72-10.

The Warriors must play Memphis Saturday, the Spurs again Sunday and Memphis again next Wednesday in the regular season finale.

The players across the board want to break the record prior to defending their NBA title in the playoffs.

Resting players prior to the start of the playoffs, which is happening more and more frequently of late, will likely only happen sparingly for the Warriors.

That is even more likely after Gregg Popovich the Spurs head coach announced on Thursday that he would play his core players in Sunday’s matchup versus Golden State.

San Antonio has its own record on the line. The Spurs could be one game from a perfect home record of 41-0 when they face the Warriors on Sunday.

With the win on Thursday, the Warriors clinched home court throughout the postseason, but the players do not want to let up. The single season wins record is their next priority.

As much as the players want the regular season wins record, they also know that the ultimate goal is a second straight NBA title and that nothing, including breaking the record should come in the way of the NBA title.

Head coach Steve Kerr admitted he is not sure about the record or rest and more will be talked out between his coaches and the players on Friday, which is the day the Warriors visit Memphis in quest of the record.

Kerr said his inclination is to give some of his players rest if any of them need it. However, he said he made sort of a pact with the players that if they are not tired, if they are not slightly injured and want to fight for the record, then there needs to be more talk.

The Warriors next game against Memphis will answer everyone’s question. If top players are rested, then everyone will know what Kerr and his player decided.

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