Steven McElvene Dayton Basketball Player Dies at 20

On Thursday, Steven McElvene a basketball player for the University of Dayton Flyers died at the age of 20. The school confirmed the player’s death.

An Allen County spokesperson from the Coroner’s Office said that McElvene died on Thursday morning at 11:19 a.m.

A full investigation into his death is ongoing, said officials, with an autopsy starting late Thursday. McElvene was from New Haven High School close to Fort Wayne, Indiana. McElvene stood 6-foot-11.

Archie Miller the Dayton basketball coach said the team was devastated to hear of the news. Any death he said was a huge tragedy, but for a person so young, who had worked so hard to be within reach of his dreams, is hard to put into the right words how painful the loss of McElvene is.

The coach added that his family, the team and staff would have to be strong through this not just to support the family of Steve, but to support one another at a time that is very difficult.

McElvene’s aunt, Gloria Starks, who is a sister of his mother, Janelle Shoals, stated that McElvene had collapsed inside his home and that the coroner’s results would take several days to be released. She added that the family was not sure when they would hold a funeral.

According to a Fort Wayne, Indiana television station, it was believed that an enlarged heart could be the cause.

The president of the University of Dayton, Dr. Dan Curran, who will step down during June, said the player had heart testing during last season.

Currant said back in February McElvene missed a game due to a virus and would not be cleared to play until he had all the pertinent tests including heart tests.

Scoochie Smith the team’s senior point guard posted a photo in Instagram with McElvene. The photo showed the two slapping hands.

Charles Cooke a senior guard also posted a photo with he and McElvene on Instagram.

McElvene was with UD for just two seasons. He did not play the 2014-15 season due to being a partial qualifier but did practice with the rest of team all season.

When arriving at UD, McElvene weighed nearly 315 pounds in 2014 but played last season at 268.

He set a new record at Dayton for blocked shots at the school with 55.

For some who have been at Dayton for many years, the death of McElvene brought back memories of Chris Daniels’ death. The center, who was 6-foot-10 died at 22 during his sleep back in 1996.