Golden State Warriors Exposed, Searching for Answers Trailing 3-1

The Golden State Warriors look nothing like the defending NBA champions that were 73-9 during the regular season, after being humiliated by the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 4.

The Warriors are no longer invincible. The Thunder throttled the NBA champions in Games 3 and 4 by 28 and 24 points respectively.

Down in the series 3-1, Golden State hopes that Oracle Arena will bring back the magic they enjoyed all season. Steve Kerr, the Warriors head coach said after his team’s loss in Game 4, that he and his staff must come up with answers as to how to stop the Thunder.

The Warriors not only lost, but they were taken apart piece by piece with no one on the Golden State side sure about how to put everything back together in such as short amount of time.

Golden State lost two straight games for the first time the entire season. The Warriors have not been able to tie up Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook or any of the other players Oklahoma City puts on the court.

The Warriors were hapless in trying to stop Oklahoma City from going on scoring runs that would break the game open any time the Warriors were able to narrow the lead.

The Thunder has become very aggressive on the offensive end and is getting repeated opportunities to score by being dominant on the offensive boards.

The Thunder scored an impressive 72 points during the first quarter of both Games 3 and 4.

As for the Warriors, the team looked like anything but the offensive machine they were all season prior to tangling with the Thunder starting last week.

Stephen Curry managed only 19 points in Game 4 on Tuesday hitting just 6 of 20 from the floor and 2 of 10 from 3-point territory.

Klay Thompson scored 26 points, but 19 were in the third quarter and seven spread out over the other three quarters.

Draymond Green, coming off a controversial kick to the groin of Steven Adams, was booed all night long by the Thunder crowd.

Green lead the league in plus-minus during the season, but was at -43 during Game 3 and -30 in Game 4. He committed 6 of Golden State’s 21 turnovers.

The Thunder has been able to answer everything the Warriors have been throwing at them. When the Warriors go small and insert their so called “Lineup of Death,” the Thunder follow suit with their own small lineup and keep Golden State from going on a long scoring run.

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