Baylor Will Fire Football Program’s Head Coach Art Briles

Art Briles the head football coach at Baylor was suspended with the intent to terminate announced the school on Thursday as part of large scale changes at the university.

The changes came in response to a critical review of the way the school handled allegations of sexual assault made against a number of students, including several players on the football, team.

Kenneth Starr will no longer by Baylor president, though he will remain with the school. Late Thursday, in a prepared statement, Starr apologized to all the victims that had not been treated with the concern, care and support they all deserved.

The actions by Baylor come following the release of an independent report to the board of regents at the university from a law firm that had investigated the response by the school to the sexual assault allegations.

The board of regents chairman Richard Willis said through a prepared statement that the board was horrified to what extent sexual violence has taken place on the campus.

The investigation revealed that the University had mishandled reports in what should have from the start been a responsive, caring and supportive environment for the students.

Briles did not make a comment, but in a post on Facebook, Staley Lebby his daughter called the circumstances leading to his ouster at Baylor as a “media witch hunt.” She added that her father was a man of great character.

Starr will become the chancellor at the school and remain a professor at the law school. His chancellor duties will include religious liberty and external fundraising, with no operational duty at the school.

Ian McCaw the Baylor Athletic Director was sanctioned and placed on probation. He is attempting to find the school an interim football coach, said sources.

The interim university president will be Dr. David Garland who is a former professor and dean at the Baylor’s George Truett Theological Seminary.

The university announced that other members of the athletics program and administration were also dismissed as well, but none were identified.

Briles, who is 60, had another 8 years on his 10-year extension he signed during November of 2013. Baylor, which is a private school, did not release the details of Briles’ contract, but it is believed he was earning close to $6 million a season.

It was unknown as to whether Briles negotiated a contract buyout with Baylor. The majority of coaching contracts in college have a clause where the school can fire the coach without paying the rest of his or her signed contract if there is finding for cause.