Coach Fired for Bullying Scandal with Dolphins In Trouble with Aggies

The former offensive line coach with the Miami Dolphins, Jim Turner, who was dismissed for the role he played in a bullying scandal, spent over two years out of the game after being fired.

This past offseason, Texas A&M hired him, but it did not take long for him to be in the center of trouble once again.

Turner was suspended by Texas A&M along with Jeff Banks the teams’ tight end coach for two weeks. The coaches have had their pay deducted as well for that period and were ordered by the ream to complete community services for 20 hours apiece, for the inappropriate comments the two made at an event with female fans.

Amongst the issues surfacing from that event were changes to the fight song of the school which presented lyrics that included We are Aggie Women. We are filled with estrogen, as well as other changes.

The coaches gave women tips on how to play football that were laced with sexual double entendres such – No penetration, never bend over and Do not end up on your back.

Kevin Sumlin the head coach at Texas A&M quickly moved to suspend by Banks and Turner after reports came in that helped bring the incident to the surface.

Sumlin said there was not room in his program for this type of degrading comments or inappropriate conduct, towards women or towards anyone regardless of what the intent.

Turner was dismissed after an investigation commissioned by the NFL found he fostered an atmosphere in which Miami offensive linemen Mike Pouncey, John Jerry and Richie Incognito regularly bullied Jonathan Martin.

Amongst the actions that were inappropriate that Turned is alleged to have taken part in during his time as offensive line coach of the Dolphins was purchasing inflatable sex dolls for people at Christmas time.

Banks and Turner spoke through a joint statement in which he said that they now understand completely that our slides and comments were no appropriate.

Texas A&M this season is expected to finish with 8.5 wins and fight for one of the top bowls and even national championship game.