What Will Happen to Yasiel Puig Now?

The mercurial and polarizing Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig will be sent to the Dodgers Triple-A minor league affiliate on Tuesday.

Just three years ago, Puig arrived in the Majors with a bang.

He was what many called the Cuban Mike Trout that played in another part of Los Angeles. He was the player who was able to hit for an average, power, steal bases, throw out base runners and roam the outfield like an antelope.

In 2013, when Puig arrived he put up big numbers as he hit 19 home runs, batted .319 with an OPS of .925 in just the first 104 games he played.

It was impossible to think the numbers he put up were anything but his baseline. All figured he would be one of the Dodgers’ mainstays for years to come.

However, just three years following his spectacular start, it is hard to determine what exactly went wrong.

The numbers he posted that all thought to be his baseline were in reality his high water mark. Over the past two seasons, Puig’s drama has outweighed the number of runs he has produced.

No one is sure if Puig’s time with the Dodgers has come to an end, but this chapter of his career with the Dodgers has, as reports are he will be demoted to the minors Tuesday.

It is reported that Dodgers management attempted to move the outfielder with a trade prior to the trade deadline Monday afternoon, but nothing remotely was offered that came close to what they saw as fair.

Therefore, with no roster spot open, the Dodgers will send him down to Oklahoma City where he will have to sort things out so he can earn his call-up later if at all.

Puig had already been benched before Los Angeles traded for Josh Reddick on Monday. Reddick will now play right field as not Puig’s replacement but as an upgrade to the platoon that Los Angles was using.

Los Angeles may still be able to move Puig following a short period in the minors, but that has its complications. He has played over three years in the league and could opt for arbitration over his last two years, which determines salaries that could end up anywhere.

If he declined arbitration, he is owed over $17 million during the next two seasons.

The Dodgers organization might want to move on even if it meant taking a loss. He has not been easy, as even when he played his best, his attitude and discipline made him tough to predict.