Russell Westbrook Opens Up About Kevin Durant Leaving the Thunder

Earlier this week, Russell Westbrook said that he became aware that Kevin Durant had left the Oklahoma City Thunder the same way, “y’all found out.”

He said he heard through smartphones, social media and the news. This came from the talented, point guard for the Thunder during his news conference that announced he signed an extension with Oklahoma City that could be worth as much as $85.7 million over three seasons.

Westbrook said he had spoken to Durant during the early part of the process, but following that nothing. He did say he received a text message from Durant, but nothing else.

After playing eight seasons with Westbrook, Durant signed a free agent contract to play for the Golden State Warriors of 2 years and $54.3 million.

The Thunder were ahead of Golden State 3-1 in their best of seven Western Conference finals series before losing three straight and being eliminated this past June.

When reporters at the new conference asked Westbrook if Durant’s choice of signing for Golden State hurt more, the point guard said he understands free agency and the opportunity to go where you want or need to go.

However, Westbrook said the only thing important to him now was making the Thunder organization better and what he needed to do to help them win.

Asked if he had been surprised by how Durant had handled the situation, Westbrook just said he had been. He told reporters that people handle certain things differently than other people do and that is the way Durant want to do it, which for him was fine.

The duo of Westbrook and Durant played in four Western Conference finals as well as one NBA Finals. During their time together the two became one of the most potent and successful duo in all of the NBA.

However, since the decision was made by Durant to leave, the two have not talked.

Westbrook said the two were together eight seasons and that cannot be just thrown away. Obviously, said Westbrook, Durant has another team, but we will eventually talk but thus far, we have not.

In Rio de Janeiro, Durant is playing for the U.S. Olympic team and said he would not be reaching out at this time to Westbrook to talk.

He did say that at some point, the two would talk but he was not sure, when that would take place.

When Durant was asked if Westbrook’s decision to remain at Oklahoma City made him happy, he said it did.

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