Tim Tebow Will Reportedly Pursue Pro Baseball Career

The former quarterback of the Florida Gators and different teams in the NFL will hold a tryout for teams in Major League Baseball sometime later in August.

This appears to be the end of Tim Tebow’s dream of returning to the NFL as a quarterback or for that matter at any position. However, he is not yet ready to end his goal of being a professional athlete quite yet.

This Sunday, Tebow will be 29 and is now focusing on a professional baseball career. The former pro quarterback has trained for most of the last year to work on his outfielder skills.

During high school, Tebow averaged .494 his junior year and captured scouts’ attention, with representatives from the Los Angeles Angels saying since then that they had hoped they could draft him.

Stephen Hargett a scout for the Angels said during an interview that Tebow’s arm was very strong and at the plate, he had lots of power.

He added that if he would have played his senior year, Tebow likely would have been drafted. Hargett said Tebow’s swing had leverage, natural loft and power. The scout added that Tebow was a natural athlete and his arm was strong enough for an outfield position.

In the end, Tebow decided not to play baseball his senior year due to pursuing football as a career rather than baseball.

That pursuit of a pro football career in the NFL, as anyone close to sports knows, has stalled, as Tebow cannot hold onto a full time job with a team in the NFL.

He moved to the broadcasting booth after being cut from the Philadelphia Eagles last season and said that he now plans to honor all his obligations as an analyst with ESPN, while he is chasing his baseball dream.

All of the 30 teams in MLB have received invitations to the workout of Tebow and one insider said those who have watched him practice are surprised with the rate in which he picked the sport back up following a long period of time of now playing it.

Whether that translates to him being sufficiently talented for one of the teams in the league to gamble on him at the age of 29 without an ounce of pro baseball experience, everyone will have to take a wait and see approach.