New York Yankees Cost for A-Rod: $317 Million

The New York Yankees play the Boston Red Sox Thursday night in Fenway Park to end a three-game series with their American League East rivals.

The Yankees will then return to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium to open a three-game series with the Tampa Bay Rays.

On Friday, Alex Rodriguez will play his final game in pinstripes and his final game in the Major Leagues as he calls it quits after 22 seasons.

When his contract expires with the Yankees A-Rod will have been paid by the team over $317 million according to the AP’s analysis of his contract. That does not even include over $132 million the team has had to pay in penalties for luxury tax through the end of this season.

The Yankees pay Rodriguez on a monthly basis as per the contract, with that contract coming to a close officially as of December 31, 2017.

In February of 2004, when the Yankees made the trade to acquire Rodriguez he was nearly halfway through his $252 million 10-year contract with the Texas Rangers that was signed in 2000.

Although New York will no longer be responsible for cutting checks to Rodriguez following the end of 2017, he will remain being paid by Texas. When he was traded in 2004, he was to be paid a deferred payment of $36 million from the deal signed with the Rangers.

That however was converted to a bonus, which has been earning as much as 2% interest each year. He will be paid by the Rangers organization through June 15 of 2025.

Rodriquez in 2007 opted out of his deal with the Yankees and signed another one for $275 million for another 10 years.

In all, New York will pay out the amount of $317,369, 850 to the former All-Star over 12 seasons. While with the team, A-Rod batted .284, hitting 351 home runs and knocking in 1,094 runs, winning two AL MVP honors and helping the Yankees win the 2009 World Series.

Brian Cashman the general manager of the Yankees said that one player is not responsible for the team winning just one title, as it is a team effort that accomplishes that.

A-Rod, said Cashman, played a big part of the team’s success and in many cases more than most.

During his playing career, Rodriguez, who is 41, has earned close to $448 million and that career will end on Friday.