Spotlight Shines on Kevin Durant as Golden State Opens Camp

On Monday, Kevin Durant started his first training camp with his new team the Golden State Warriors. He arrived at the team’s practice facility for media day getting ready to begin his own quest and that of his new team to win an NBA title.

Durant said he was looking forward to beginning practice for such a great organization and with such a great group of players.

Durant believes his game will not change all that much, but what changes is that he will begin a new season with an organization other than that of the Seattle Supersonics/Oklahoma City Thunder.

He said he would rely on the Warriors coach Steve Kerr to fit him into team and put the team into a position to win.

For Oklahoma City fans, Durant has become a villain and his first return to play there will be filled with jeers and harsh words from fans.

He has always been a very well liked and respected player, but the Thunder fans will have other thoughts about him when he visits with his new team.

Not only will Durant be going through an adjustment period, but so will each of the Warriors players as they attempt to mesh into a winning unit with a new superstar amongst them.

Golden State besides Durant has Steven Curry the reigning back to back MVP, and a pair of other highly talented All-Stars in Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

Everyone will be sacrificing shots on this new team and Kerr has to put the puzzle together to develop a team offense that runs as smoothly as before but with new faces.

That will start this week with only a few days prior to the first exhibition game that is scheduled for Saturday in Canada versus the Toronto Raptors.

The plan will be to play veterans, even though coach Kerr said he would be cutting down their minutes early on and then on Tuesday, the team plays the Clippers at home and then a Thursday trip to San Jose to play the Sacramento Kings.

That will be three days across six days, which is going to help Kerr sort out the many options for lineups he will have. His many lineup options might even continue through the team’s opener on October 25 versus the San Antonio Spurs.

The long road to the NBA Title starts this week and Durant is excited to be in Oakland preparing with his new teammates.

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