Todd Bowles: Ryan Fitzpatrick Remains Our Quarterback

The New York Jets have had a disastrous NFL season thus far and that includes their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

It appeared some hope was on the horizon Monday night when Todd Bowles the head coach finally yanked Fitzpatrick in favor of Geno Smith the backup signal caller.

However, Smith did not perform up to part and Bowles announced later Monday that Fitzpatrick would be the starter for New York’s game in Week 7 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Bowles its appears is unaware his coaching job is in the balance that the fan base of the Jets is upset with him has called for his firing and the season is not even half over.

Fitzpatrick leads the NFL with 11 turnovers, as he has fumbled on five occasions, but has not lost any. This season the Jets signal caller has yet to throw a touchdown pass during the second half yet has tossed 10 interceptions during the second half.

Bowles is highly respected as a defensive genius and Fitzpatrick is not the only reason New York is sitting in last place in the AFC East.

However, the handling Bowles has done with the team’s situation at quarterback has upset many fans and could hurt his ability to find another head coaching stint if he were to be fired by the Jets.

Fitzpatrick, as mentioned before, is not the only one to place blame. The offensive line has played terrible for the first six weeks of the season.

Smith could bring new energy and mobility to the quarterback position for the Jets, but is not the answer to all the problems the Jets have.

However, unless Bowles uses all the options he has on the roster, he will be the one blamed for the record of the team and will pay the consequences in the form of a likely firing.

Bowles may have to go as low as using third-stringer Christian Hackenberg at quarterback. He was drafted out of Penn State in the second round of the NFL draft and some are trying to call him the team’s future at quarterback.

By trying all his options, Bowles cannot be given the full blame of the outcomes and at this point anything less than that would be suicidal career wise for the coach.

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