Adrian Gonzalez Remains Upset Over Replay Decision

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the Chicago Cubs 10-2 in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series.

However, before the score got out of hand Adrian Gonzalez the first baseman for the Dodgers said a controversial call on instant replay denied Los Angeles an early 1-0 lead that could have helped to change the outcome of the game against the Cubs.

He said the Dodgers could have easily put the Cubs backs against the wall but the call took some momentum from the team and gave it to the Cubs.

In a scoreless game during the second inning, the home plate umpire called Gonzalez out while attempting to score on a two out single from second base.

The call was challenged by the Dodgers and replays on TV appeared to show that Gonzalez had slid under the tag and was safe. However, the Major League Baseball replay officials in New York upheld the umpire’s call.

Gonzalez was upset following the game, in which the Cubs tied the series up at 2-2. He added that he was told that the replay officials did not have sufficient evidence to have the call overturned.

Gonzalez said two of the four umpires in the crew told him they considered him safe based upon the replays on scoreboards in Dodgers Stadium.

He said the two said that from what they had seen they would have called him safe. He did not however name any of the two umpires he was referring to.

According to the Dodgers first baseman, Angel Hernandez the umpire at home place was not at fault.

He said everything moves so fast and you cannot blame Hernandez for the call.

Gonzalez believes that replay calls need to be called by independent officials that are not associated in any way with league umpires.

Dave Roberts the manager of the Dodgers agreed with Gonzalez saying he thought the call would be reversed, but the New York guys saw it differently.

Roberts added that getting a lead at that time would have been very big for the team.

Instead, Chicago broke the game open with four runs during the fourth inning and then went on to cruise to victory.

Gonzalez did say that the instant replay often times gets the call right, but this time were nowhere close to being right.