Colin Kaepernick Questioned Over Shirt with Fidel Castro Picture

This week, the San Francisco 49ers visit the Miami Dolphins and Colin Kaepernick the starting quarterback for the 49ers held a conference call with media members from South Florida.

However, one of the reporters insisted on discussing something that happened back in August, when the San Francisco signal caller wore a shirt that looked as though it supported former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, which caused a tense exchange.

On the shirt, were depictions of scenes from a meeting held in 1960 between Malcolm X and Castro and said, “Like minds think alike.”

The shirt was worn by Kaepernick to a news conference following the third 49ers preseason game, which was the time in which he refused to stand for the national anthem and it had become a national headline.

According to one reporter from Florida, a reporter from the Miami Herald started pressing the 49ers quarterback about the shirt while on the call Wednesday.

Kaepernick at first emphasized that Malcolm X also appeared on it, and that it showed the willingness of the late activist for civil rights to be open-minded related to aspects involving the world.

The reporter is apparently from a family of exiles from Cuba and pressed on related to Castro. The reply by Kaepernick was that he was not discussing Castro and his oppression, but was talking about the late Malcolm X and what he did for people.

The reporter then said Kaepernick changed the subject because he was uncomfortable talking about Castro. The quarterback then praised a social initiative of Castro.

He said one thing Castro did is give Cuba the highest rate of literacy due to investing more in education than in prisons, which is not done in the U.S. even though it could be.

The reported said Castro broke up families and Kaepernick said the same happens in the U.S.

The banter back and forth moved forward with some tense responses by Kaepernick to questions asked by the reporter.

Kaepernick has spoken openly this season about his opinions on today’s American society, even after becoming the starting quarterback for the team.

On Wednesday, another question was asked about reports that his protest during the anthem has contributed to the drop in viewership of NFL games this season.

He said he does not think that one has any relationship with the other.

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  1. Guest says:

    Kaepernick’s a brave man. He was a little evasive in his answers to the reporter, but he did have a nice comeback by saying that families are broken up in the U.S., too, through mass incarceration.

    Besides, the reporter was rather aggressive in his questioning. Sure, he has a personal stake in Castro’s treatment of his own people, but he still should have exercised journalistic integrity. He utterly failed to do that with his lack of objective questioning and later penning a couple of articles on Kaepernick that abandoned any attempt at serious journalism.

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