Parents of Colin Kaepernick Break Their Silence over Son

Colin Kaepernicks’s parents have ended their silence over the embattled quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers about the decision by him to kneel while the national anthem is being played prior to NFL games.

Rick and Teresa Kaepernick released a statement that they addressed to The Undefeated that said Colin was carrying a big load and following a difficult path he truly believes in. The statement added that Colin was putting his future as well as maybe his life on the line because of those beliefs he has.

The statement said that as Colin’s parents, it hurt them to read the articles and the tweets that say his family is not supporting him, as that is far from the truth.

The two of us, the statement read want everyone to know how proud we are of Colin and how much we admire the courage and strength he has in kneeling for the rights of others.

The support the Kaepernick’s have for Colin was initially questioned after a report by the USA Today in September said that the family had flown a flag outside their California home as an apparent statement of how they were displeased with their son.

The couple decided it was not the correct time to comment when the report was released, while Colin said that his parents were in agreement with what he stood for.

Kaepernick’s parents said that even though their son has explained that he is protesting racial inequality in the U.S., many people are still taking his kneeling during the anthem as being un-American or anti-military and that is far from the truth.

They added that the recent comments made by Admiral Harris and backed up by the Pentagon were over the top and caused them to decide that making a statement supporting their son was the thing to do.

Harris, who is the head of Pacific Command for the U.S., made indirect remarks against the 49ers quarterback during an address commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Kaepernicks, who are both white, adopted Colin at the age of 5 weeks. The couple lost two children to congenital heart failure at birth. Colin is biracial and had been given up by a white mother who was 19. Teresa said Colin was the perfect child.

Over the last few months, Colin stated that he would be donating $1 million of his current salary to groups that have missions to help communities of color. Thus far, his donations have reached $200,000.

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