Tennessee Titans Quarterback Preparing for His Coldest Game

Tennessee Titans star quarterback Marcus Mariota played collegiate ball at Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. Last season he also saw some cold weather with temperatures dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with a 33-degree wind chill when the Titans traveled to play New England in December.

However, the Tennessee game scheduled for this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium against Kansas City will be an entirely different story.

Mariota said earlier this week the game will likely be the coldest he has ever played in but he was looking forward to playing.

Kansas City is expected to have a low of zero on Saturday night with a high Sunday of somewhere in the teens.

Mariota believes that he played in a game while at Oregon that was in the 20s but nothing like what is expected on Sunday at Arrowhead.

The game Mariota was talking about was played at Oregon State and started at night with temperatures in the 40s that dropped during the game.

Mariota played well in that game with 367 yards passing and 4 touchdowns. He rushed for a pair of touchdowns as well, as Oregon routed the Beavers 47-19.

Mariota has said he attempted to wear a glove during practice this week, but he did not feel comfortable. He therefore will play the same way using a set of hand warmers he will wear around his waist.

Mariota on Thursday will get a good test of the weather. Nashville is expected to have temperatures in the mid-20s on Thursday with a wind chill that will make them feel in the mid-teens. On Thursday, Nashville is expected to have a high of only 30 degrees.

Mariota has over 3,000 yards passing for this season with 25 touchdown passes, 8 interceptions and a passer rating of 99.1.

Mariota said he and his teammates will be prepared for their big game against Kansas City and hopes to keep playing hot even though it will be frigidly cold.

The Titans quarterback is trying to lead his team to an AFC Central title. Tennessee is currently tied for first place at 7-6 with the Houston Texans.

Following this week’s game, the Titans will travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars and then end their regular season in what could be a showdown for the AFC South title at home against the Texans.

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