Jets Head Coach Hospitalized Stays Behind When Team Leaves

Todd Bowles the head coach of the New York Jets was hospitalized on Friday for an illness that was not disclosed. Bowles did not accompany his team when they left New York to travel to New England for a Saturday games versus the Patriots.

The Jets released a statement saying Bowles was in stable condition after receiving attention at a New York hospital after he felt ill early Friday. The initial thoughts were a heart attack, but doctors quickly ruled out a heart attack.

The status of Bowles for the game on Saturday versus New England was not known. The team’s front office said that if Bowles could not coach then Mike Caldwell an assistant head coach would take his place on Saturday.

One report by a national sports media outlet said that Bowles had been throwing up, felt pain in his back and chest and received medication but could not keep the medicine down so he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan visited the Jets coach on Friday at the hospital and spoke to him on an off throughout the afternoon. Bowles told the GM he wanted to coach against New England but the decision will in the end be up to doctors who are attending to Bowles, who is 53.

Caldwell, who is 45, guided the Jets through a Friday walkthrough. In addition to his assistant head coach duties, Caldwell is the inside linebackers coach.

Caldwell was an NFL player for 11 seasons playing with Cleveland, Baltimore, Arizona, Philadelphia, Chicago and Carolina.

He started his career in coaching in 2008 as a quality control defensive coach with the Eagles. He was in that role two seasons, prior to being the assistant linebackers coach during 2010. He then was the top linebackers coach with Philadelphia for the 2011 and the 2012 seasons.

Caldwell left the Eagles in 2013 after Chip Kelly was hired as the head coach. He joined Arizona to coach under Bruce Arians where Bowles was defensive coordinator. He coached side by said with Bowles for the next two seasons prior to joining the Jets last season when Bowles was hired as the head coach.

Four NFL head coaches have been hospitalized this season. Coaches in the NFL are known to work long days and well into the night watching films and developing different game plans.

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