Jose Mourinho Tosses Barbs at Conte and Wenger

The increasing threat of spending power by the Chinese Super League has been creating waves across Europe. A number of the biggest managers on the continent have given their opinions toward the issue.

First Bayern’s Carlo Ancelotti and Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger spoke out along with Antonio Conte at Chelsea. Now Jose Mourinho the always vocal manager at Manchester United has joined the ongoing debate.

Mourinho defended players who chose to move to the China league due to the large sums of money being offered and threw a few barbs in the direction of rivals in the English Premier League.

Mourinho, when asked about the potential moved of Wayne Rooney to China, said he did not like being critical of players going to China, it is their own life and the direction they want to go with their career and life.

He added that the money was very big and the experience they will get could be quite interesting. He continued by saying he knew some colleagues think they are more important than they really are, by being critical of other people’s lives.

However, Mourinho said that he was not that type of person. He believes everyone is responsible for his or her own life and because of that is not critical of anyone.

The Manchester United boss did not make a direct reference to anyone in the statement but the use of colleagues seems to be quite obvious since both Conte and Wenger’s statements previous to his, were critical of players.

Wenger said that when you want to play soccer your first thought is to play in the world’s best league and against the world’s best players.

Then Wenger added that following that as a pro soccer player you combine that you are in one of the best leagues playing against the top player into the maximum money possible.

That combination added Wenger is best in England and the English Premier League.

Conte, the manager at Chelsea gave a similar opinion as Wenger saying that for the money he could understand certain players going to China, but that the EPL was still the best league in the world.

Rooney over the weekend became the all-time leading scorer for Manchester United with goal No. 250 but he has seen his form decline dramatically the past few years and under Mourinho has been used sparingly this season.

He is the second highest paid United player and Mourinho would likely not be upset if Rooney left and went to China following this season.

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