Cavaliers Apparently Have No Interest in Love for Anthony Deal

The New York Knicks to date have not been successful in attempts made by them to entice the Cleveland Cavaliers into trade talks that would result in a Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony deal leading up to the trade deadline of February 23 in the NBA.

Sources said that on Wednesday, the Knicks spoke to the Cavaliers as a way to measure the interest the Cleveland team had in swapping the two forwards but the sources said the Knicks were told that Cleveland has no interest in such a deal.

If Cleveland had shown interest, New York was ready to speak to their All-Star forward to see if he would waive the no-trade clause, he has in his contract.

Anthony remains just one of three players in the NBA with a clause that is full no-trade. The other two players are Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas and LeBron James of the Cavaliers.

On a number of occasions recently, James has spoken out about his team’s need for another point guard and big man to fill voids that were created during the departures in the offseason of Timofey Mozgov a center and Matthew Dellavedova a point guard.

Although Anthony and James are close friends and have openly expressed an interest in someday playing together, sources have said that the Cavaliers do not want to give up Love in exchange for Anthony following the role played by Love last season in helping the team win its first NBA title last June.

Team officials from the Cavaliers, namely general manager David Griffin said that the team would keep its plans private since there would be a number of things written in the press leading up to the trade deadline and they did not want rumors to upset players or possible deals they might have in the works.

The future of Anthony with New York has been a daily topic of late, despite the no trade clause he has. Widespread belief is that the president of the team Phil Jackson wants to trade Anthony and begin anew with Kristaps Porzingis the second year center as the team’s centerpiece.

When Anthony was asked about a possible trade on Wednesday following his team’s loss to Dallas he said did not have any reaction to the rumor. He added that until team management approaches him and speaks to him, the rumors do not mean a thing.