Steve Kerr Calls Muslim Ban a Bad Idea

NBA executives and players spoke out against the executive order by President Donald Trump this past weekend. Now coaches can be added to the list whom opposes the executive action.

Steve Kerr, who all season has been vocal about his opinion of Trump, is the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He called the ban a shocking and horrible idea, adding that it could breed more terror and anger.

Kerr said he lost his father to terrorism and if terrorism is what the country is combating by banishing all people from entering the country it is going against his country’s principle and is creating more fear and is a wrong way to do it.

Kerr added that he feels for the people affected and families that are now torn apart. He said he worries about the overall picture and what it means for world security.

Malcolm Kerr, Kerr’s late father, was murdered while serving as the American University of Beirut president in 1984 by the Islamic Jihad Organization.

At the time his father was murdered, Kerr was attending the University of Arizona as a freshmen and a member of the basketball team. Kerr spent a great deal of time during his childhood living in the Middle East.

Soon after he said he would prioritize all Christian refugees, the President’s order was released that barred citizens of seven countries that are predominately Muslim from entering the United States. The abrupt ruling caused confusion Friday including in the locker of the Milwaukee Bucks in Toronto where teammates became concerned for Thon Maker who was born in Sudan and if he could return to the U.S. following the Bucks game.

However, on Saturday a ruling by a judge struck down part of Trump’s policy as being unconstitutional allowing in immigrants with refugee status, visas or green cards with no risk of detention by police at the border.

Following the election of Trump last November, Kerr became vocal with criticism of Trump by saying he was disappointed and disgusted by Trumps lack of dignity and respect during his campaign.

The NBA has a number of foreign-born players but just a few were born in Muslim dominated countries and even fewer, like Maker, were born in one of banned countries named by Trump in his Friday executive order.