Pat McAfee Retires from NFL at Age 29

The Indianapolis Colts had just announced the signing of a new general manager to fans when other news was about to be revealed.

The news was that arguably the Colts’ most popular player was going to tell the Colts that he was retiring at just 29-years of age, from the NFL.

This week Pat McAfee the popular punter for the Colts told the Colts’ owner Jim Irsay during a meeting of almost 2 hours that he would retire with two years left on his current contract.

McAfee told the press that Irsay for a while tried to lure the player back, but once he saw he was excited about retiring, he supported his decision and became excited for him.

Along with Irsay, the Colts Pro Bowl punter met with head coach Chuck Pagano late during the 2016 regular season to let him know what was on his mind the past couple of years.

McAfee joining Barstool Sports a growing sports media website as the COO of its office in Indianapolis gained momentum last November.

The comedic and creative sides McAfee possesses have come to the forefront the past few seasons, which is what created interest by Barstool.

With the his right knee injury added to other ailments during his career beginning take their toll, McAfee decided it was time to pursue another career.

McAfee has had three surgeries on his right knee in the past four years and others certain for his future. He said they played a big part in his decision to retire.

McAfee said that during the final half of last season he could not walk that much on the days that he kicked. His days would consist of remaining in bed with ice on his knees and he realized there was more than just playing football.

Negotiations with Barstool increased day by day highlighted by the announcement by McAfee on Thursday.

Official papers with his retirement still must be signed by the player. He admitted on Thursday he had Googled to find out what he needed to do to officially retire from the NFL.

The former All-Pro will stay in Indianapolis with his new office downtown while producing content, blogs, videos and podcasts for Barstool.

He will also have a radio show beginning soon and a show that will be broadcast on social channels for Barstool as well.

Many wonder how he could leave behind millions of dollars in guaranteed money, but he said that he did not want to focus on punting balls any longer.

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