Rumor: LeBron Pushing Cavaliers to Trade for Carmelo

It appears the Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland trade will not be going away anytime soon. The Cavaliers have said numerous times they do not plan to trade Kevin Love to the Knicks for Anthony.

Meanwhile New York is releasing information to anyone willing to listen about their own plans of trading Anthony and the interest the Cavaliers have as well as the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Monday, a report by a New York City newspaper said that there is a voice in the locker room of the Cavaliers who is pushing the team to put together the Love for Anthony deal and that voice was LeBron James.

According to a source in the league, LeBron is pushing the front office of the Cavalier to acquire Anthony even if it meant trading Love, which Cavs management has said is something they are opposed to.

New York’s Phil Jackson hopes to move Anthony before the trade deadline of February 23 and one player targeted by the Knicks is Love. The Cavs forward scored 23 points and grabbed 16 boards in Cleveland victory last Saturday over the Knicks.

Any deal that includes Anthony would require the leading scorer for the team to waive the no-trade clause he has. The majority of basketball pundits believe Anthony would play for the Cavaliers so he could be with LeBron who is a long-time friend.

Anthony is a close friend of James dating back to the NBA draft in 2003 where James was drafted No. 1 and Carmelo No. 3.

Love’s history with Cleveland has been like riding a roller coaster. He struggled the first two seasons to adapt to playing with the Cavaliers, but after Tyronn Lue became head coach replacing the fired David Blatt, the Cavs began to use Love’s talent correctly.

Love played very well during the postseason and helped the team to its first ever NBA title.

Thus far in the current season, Love is nothing short of sensational. The bottom line for the team is that it plays its best when Love is playing.

He takes advantages of mismatches with his size, he punishes bigger defenders thanks to his range and he has rebounded like he did playing for Minnesota.

However, the personal trust and bond James has with Anthony could be the determining factor when this all plays out.

The only person who recruited Love to sign another deal with Cleveland in 2015 was LeBron, who visited him in LA and convinced the power forward to sign another deal.

Will it be James that now pulls the plug and pushes Love out of Cleveland?