Estate of Jose Fernandez Sued Over Boating Accident

The court drama surrounding the boat accident that killed star pitcher of the Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez appears to be just starting.

According to a report in a Miami newspaper, the parents of Eduardo Rivero 25, and Emilio Jesus Macias, 27, who were both killed along with Marlins star Fernandez on September 25 during the early morning, have filed a personal injury and negligence lawsuit against the Fernandez estate in Miami seeking damages of $2 million.

Christopher Royer is the attorney representing both of the families of the two men and said he filed the claim on behalf of the family of Rivero on Friday and will do the same for the Macias family Monday.

The families of Rivero and Macias are scarred deeply by the death of their sons, said Royer through a release on Friday. He added in the statement that the two families were open to settling and remain hopeful that a resolution can result in a prompt fashion, to spare all families involved.

The attorney representing the Fernandez family is Ralph Fernandez. He has said on record that a settlement was very unlikely over the short term. That he said was in part because Fernandez’s girlfriend will soon give birth to his baby.

The couple had announced only days prior to the accident that the two were expecting and that has added another level of sadness to the tragic circumstances that took place in September.

It has also been noted that the investigation of the crash, led by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is still not completed.

When completed, the investigation will be one more important piece to this puzzle as a determination will be attempted to be made as it whether the star pitcher for the Marlins had been driving when the accident occurred.

An earlier toxicology report showed that Fernandez had alcohol and cocaine in his system when he died, which would make his position on the boat important to the lawsuits that are pending.

The final report has not been given a timetable for completion. Nonetheless, the attorney for the Fernandez family said he was confident that the investigation would show that Fernandez had not been driving at the time the boat crashed into a jetty killing all three aboard.