Tony Romo and Kirk Cousins in Three-Team Trade Rumor

A report says the Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys are exploring the possibility of a trade scenario that would solved their questions related to quarterback, at least on paper.

It has been reported by inside sources that the Redskins and 49ers have discussed the possibility of a trade already that would include Kirk Cousins and the two teams may try to involve Dallas quarterback Tony Romo as part of the trade between three teams.

Apparently, the 49ers inquired about Washington starting quarterback Kirk Cousins, while Washington were discussing Romo and Dallas being given draft picks in return.

However, a Dallas journalist reported that an official with the Cowboys said Dallas was not contacted regarding a trade that would move Romo to East division rivals Washington.

Washington has not yet signed Cousins to a new long-term agreement opting to instead give him the franchise tag for a second straight season.

While the front office in Washington still can decide how to work out a deal involving Cousins, indications are that he would not mind playing for San Francisco, if he were traded by the team.

A report says that while new San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan was with Washington, Cousins loved to play for him back in 2012 and 2013.

At the same time, Dallas has to decide what they will do with the veteran Romo. He believes the Cowboys will at some point release him, but a trade could take place prior to that.

With Dak Prescott having such a successful rookie season, he secured his place as the Dallas signal caller of the future, while at the same time making Romo expendable.

Jerry Jones the Dallas owner said in February he did not know what the team would do with Romo.

Romo has a salary of $14 million and a cap hit of $24.7 million next season. That could make any possible trade complicated for Dallas.

Washington is scheduled to pay Cousins $23.9 million in 2017 under the franchise tag, so if the three teams agree, a trade is workable.

San Francisco is looking to find a solution for the long term at quarterback. New coach Shanahan and his general manager John Lynch start their first season.

They own the No 2 pick overall at the draft in April. However, do not be surprised if they do not choose a quarterback that high due to not knowing the full potential of one.