Brandon Marshall Now A New York Giant

In what is being called a stunning twist to the start of the free agency period, Brandon Marshall, the former New York Jets talented wide receiver, has joined crosstown rival the New York Giants.

According to sources, the Giants and Marshall agreed to a deal for 2 years, worth $12 million. Marshall had been slated to earn $7.5 million playing for the Jets this season, prior to the team releasing him last week. The signing was confirmed by the Giants.

Marshall, through a prepared release that Giants sent to the media, said the situation was perfect for him. He said the stability in ownership was strong and that he had heard many positive things about the Giants organization.

Marshall now can remain in the Big Apple, which is a city he enjoys and can work as a correspondent for Showtime on its Inside the NFL show.

In addition, it is likely the best chance Marshall will have in reaching the playoffs, which he has yet to do in his professional career.

The Giants get one of the premier receivers in the game at a very good price. After spending lavishly during free agency during two of the past three springs, management knew they had to be frugal this spring.

The Giants unquestionably have the greatest three-receiver passing attack in the NFC East. Marshall will play alongside Pro Bowler Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard one of the most promising young wide outs.

The strength of Marshall should help Eli Manning, the Giants veteran quarterback, who now has a top target who is able to control most defensive backs within a stretch of 10-yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

This signing is also a departure for Ben McAdoo the head coach for the Giants who up to now, was building his wide receivers corps with one similar to those he had in Green Bay. However, after Victor Cruz was released earlier it was clear change was coming.

The big question mark on the minds of many is how all this will work out inside the locker room of the Giants. Marshall is a veteran who offers advice easily and likes telling it the way it is.

The best thing that could happen is his presence is able to help the complex personality of Beckham and puts a budding star with a wise veteran. Of course, the worst case scenario is something the Giants organization prefers not to even think of.