NFL Teams Check for Other Stolen Items

Following the theft and recent recovery of Tom Brady’s NFL jersey the question the NFL is now facing is how does it address a breach in security that might have taken place over three straight Super Bowls.

Sources from two recent teams that played in the Super Bowl have said the teams are conducting reviews to see if anything might have been taken following their Super Bowl victories as well.

A spokesperson for the NFL said the league was not notified by any other of the teams beyond New England and Denver the last two teams to win the Super Bowl, that items may have been taken.

In what was a lapse in the league’s security, a source within the NFL confirmed that an international member of the media had gained access to the private locker room of the Patriots and is currently the only suspect in the theft that took place following Super Bowl LI in Houston.

The NFL spokesperson said the league has security evaluations it holds annually and that these recent revelations would be considered in those evaluations.

Not making any commitment until after the investigation has been completed, the NFL said it currently does not have any plans to ban the offending media outlet from Super Bowls in the future or make any wide range security changes.

The NFL source also confirmed that the member of the international media who is the suspect was also the suspect in multiple thefts related to Super Bowl items including two Tom Brady jerseys.

Although, the media member has yet to be officially identified by law enforcement, the NFL source said that a credential for La Prensa, a Mexican tabloid is in the ongoing investigation.

The newspaper issued a statement on Monday that said the director of La Prensa, Mauricio Ortega had resigned a week ago and was a person of interest regarding the investigation.

Working with authorities from Mexico, the FBI was able to recover what it says are two jerseys from the Super Bowl that belong to Brady with one from Super Bowl LI played in February and one from Super Bowl XLIX.

It was also confirmed by the source that the FBI has recovered a helmet that appeared to belong to Von Miller a linebacker for the Denver Broncos who was the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

Security officials with the NFL said Denver was examining the helmet to see if it matches one that was lost following the win by Denver over the Carolina Panthers.