Richard Sherman Hearing Talks of a Possible Trade

News out of Seattle on Wednesday was not that the Seattle Seahawks were listening to trade offers for Richard Sherman their star cornerback, but that their general manager John Schneider was so open about talking about them.

Because coaches and GM’s so rarely speak about those things, an executive in the NFL only confirming that he has listened to talks of trading a cornerstone on the defense turns heads.

However, Sherman does not seem to be upset or worried about a possible trade saying very little chance exists that it will happen. He added that he had little to say related to the possible trade but a strong relationship exists between he and the organization.

The likelihood is that since Schneider has opened the door to a possible trade, the thought of one possibly happening will stay around until at least after the NFL draft at the end of April.

If the Seahawks were to trade such a talented player like Sherman it would go against convention, but both Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll are not prisoners to that.

They traded for Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham and Percy Harvin and even anointed a quarterback of 5’ 10” as their franchise signal caller.

The organization needs to look to the future as well as the present due to a number (10) of its players that take up over 61% of the team’s cap space. Just those players represent over $101 million on the cap for 2017 and all have played a minimum of five seasons in the NFL.

Seven of the ten are 28 years of age or older at present and two more will be prior to the season starting.

Therefore, the team could think a starting place to extend their championship window would be in the secondary. The identity of the team was built there, but now Kam Chancellor will have his contract up at year end, and Sherman and Earl Thomas come up following the 2018 season.

Next spring, both Chancellor and Sherman will be 30 and the two of them plus Thomas take up over $32.15 million of the salary cap in Seattle and the draft this year is strong in both corners and safeties.

Because of that Seattle held talks during the NFL combined that involved Sherman as Carroll’s defensive scheme gives more value to the safety than the corner.

He let Sherman know about them beforehand and because of that it appears everyone is calm at his point about the rumors of Sherman’s possible trade.