U.S., Mexico and Canada Announce 2026 World Cup Shared Bid

On Monday, the U.S., Mexico and Canada announced they had joined together for a bid to be host of the 2026 World Cup. While representatives from soccer of the country’s soccer federations saluted all the cooperation that went into formatting a proposal such as this to stage the spectacle of the sport, one country stood out amongst the three.

If the effort wins the bidding, and at this point, no formidable opponents appear to be in the way, the U.S. would be the host of 60 matches, including all matches from the quarterfinals through the final, while the two other countries would each have 10 matches each.

Any complaints by Canada or Mexico related to inequity faced one fact and that was that with the number of stadiums and the overall infrastructure, the U.S. could have bid alone without even including the other two.

The U.S. did not go alone due to there being many mare cities and venues offered by having Mexico and Canada on board which would strengthen the bid and representatives wanted to show what good could be accomplished by working together.

However, some feel that Mexico, where soccer is played and followed by nearly the entire population, will not have enough matches, but its president of the futbol federation, Decio de Maria said ten matches were what had been be offered so they took it.

He did acknowledge Mexico could not have bid alone for the tournament in 2026, which by then will be expanded from 32 teams to 48 and increase by 16 matches.

Mexico needed the U.S. more than the U.S. needed Mexico is the bottom line.

There will be only 10 matches held in Mexico, but others will be in Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Phoenix and many Mexicans call those cities home.

Canada had the weakest case to bid alone, and the most to gain with a shared bid. Victor Montagliani the president of the Canadian football federation said everyone knows about the infrastructure in the U.S., which is second to none possibly worldwide.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by the executives from each federation that will be submitted to FIFA, the world governing body for soccer. FIFA meets during May in Bahrain and those meetings may give more clarity on the bidding timetable and process.

A vote for where the 2026 World Cup will be held is tentatively scheduled for May of 2020.

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