Reports: Kristaps Porzingis Misses Knicks Exit Meetings

New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis has skipped the team’s exit meeting with management because of being frustrated over what he believes is drama and dysfunction surrounding the entire organization, said reports from team sources.

Under Phil Jackson the team president, New York has struggled in the two seasons Porzingis has played losing 101 games.

According to sources on the team, Porzingis is frustrated over the lack of direction the Knicks have. The team did not make the playoffs for its fourth consecutive season.

Pundits predicted the Knicks would be a contender this past season for the playoffs, but the teams struggled in developing cohesion and ended the season at 30-51.

Several stories involving the Knick drew a great deal of attention for things off the court during this past season. Jackson tried to trade Carmelo Anthony prior to this season’s trade deadline.

Jackson said Friday that Anthony would likely be better off in another place to pursue his NBA championship. Charles Oakley an ex-Knick was removed from the Big Apple’s Madison Square Garden in February during a game temporarily banned for the arena.

Derrick Rose a point guard left the Knicks without any notice to help his family in January and upon returning was fined.

In February, Porzingis discussed an issue that plagued the team when he told the media there had been confusion from the top to the bottom because of so many changes in schemes by Jeff Hornacek the head coach during the course of one season.

The team began this past season running its offense that put less emphasis on triangle sets. However, the club started running more triangle sets following the All-Star Game. The Knicks changed their schemes on defense a number of times when Kurt Rambis was an assistant coach.

Jackson on Friday alluded to problems in relations between Hornacek and his staff with the players.

Jackson said the disconnect on the team at times was due in part to rebelliousness on the team that created discord during the season. He said that needed to stop and would stop.

Porzingis was picked No. 4 overall from Latvia by New York during the 2015 draft. This past season he averaged 18 points and just over 7 rebounds per game.

On Friday, Jackson was asked if personnel moves including a trade of Porzignis was off the table during the offseason. Jackson answered everything was possible.