Report: Two Quarterbacks to Be Picked During First Nine

General managers in the NFL swear by the draft strategy of best player available, but each one needs a quarterback they can swear by, to survive in the league. According to one general manager in the NFL, two of the top quarterbacks in the NFL draft will be picked early in the draft’s first round.

An analyst with the NFL Network said that one of the league’s general managers has told him that two quarterbacks would be picked prior to the No. 10 pick by the Buffalo Bills. He added that two quarterbacks taken during the top nine picks would be a big shocker for this year’s draft.

That is because this season there is not many top quarterbacks to choose from in the draft. The quarterback class for the 2017 draft is one that needs developing prior to becoming a starter on Sundays.

The NFL network analyst said more than 20 teams in the NFL were polled recently on who the top signal caller was in this year’s draft. Most of those who responded said either Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina or Deshaun Watson from Clemson.

The big question is which NFL teams amongst those who are in the first 9 picks or those who would trade up to get a pick will take a quarterback so early in the draft.

The teams with the biggest need for a quarterback are Cleveland, San Francisco and the New York Jets. However, the Browns, who hold the draft’s No. 1 pick, are expected by most to take Myles Garrett a defensive end for Texas A&M.

The second pick in the draft would be a huge investment by San Francisco which means the Jets would be the most apt to take the first quarterback.

The Bears and Jaguars are not sure about their current quarterbacks Mike Glennon and Blake Bortles, respectively.

Chicago’s Glennon has not been a starter in any NFL game since 2014, while Jacksonville’s Bortles played poorly last season and will have a new set of coaches and system to learn.

Beyond those teams, the Chargers could be looking for a talented quarterback to play understudy to veteran Philip Rivers, but there is nothing certain there.

It appears there are not two destinations for signal callers that jump of the paper in the draft’s first nine picks, particularly given that the value placed on the quarterbacks this season is questionable.

However, finding a franchise quarterback is how fortunes in the NFL are reversed and there is always one superstar no one has seen or heard of somewhere out there.