Adam Jones: Called N-Word at Fenway Park by Boston Fans

During the past, Adam Jones said he has been yelled at the entire game while playing at Fenway Park in Boston. However, things changed on Monday said Jones as his treatment by fans at Fenway Park took a disturbing turn.

After the Orioles 5-2 victory, the five-time MLB All-Star claimed he had been called the n-word a few times by fans who also tossed peanuts at him.

He called it different and very unfortunate. He said he heard a number of fans are ejected each night at games and unfortunate that fans need to degrade another person.

He added that he was out playing trying to earn a living for he and his family and will just try to move on and play the game hard.

According to reports, officials from the Red Sox confirmed that a fan had thrown a bag full of peanuts at Jones. Security ejected the fans following that incident.

Officials with the team said they were investigating the number of ejections during Monday’s game.

Jones called the fan who threw peanuts at him a coward and disrespectful and expressed hope authorities would hand out a more severe punishment.

Jones said the person should be fined as much as $30,000. Something he said that hurts the person so they will think twice before they say it again.

Jones said that players do not have any idea what objects are being thrown onto the playing field. He wondered out loud what could happen if he had been hit in the eye and had lost ability to play pro baseball.

Earlier in the season, tensions increased between the Red Sox and Orioles after Manny Machado of the Orioles injured Boston second baseman Dustin Pedroia through a hard slide at second forcing the Red Sox player to leave the game.

Later during the same series, Matt Barnes a pitcher for Boston threw at Machado’s head, although Barnes claimed that his pitch had accidently got away from him.

Monday night Dylan Bundy the starting pitcher for Baltimore hit Mookie Betts one of Boston’s best hitters which led to speculation it could be retaliation.

Jones has talked about race related to baseball in the past. As the protest by Colin Kaepernick of the national anthem were making headlines in the NFL last fall, the Orioles outfielder said a few black players in MLB were apt to emulate the quarterback’s protests because baseball remains a white man’s sport.