Boston Celtics Reunion of 2008 Team Does Not Include Ray Allen

Retired NBA star Kevin Garnett invited four of his former Boston Celtics teammates from the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics to join him on Monday on a segment of his Area 21 prior to the broadcast on TNT of an NBA playoff game between Golden State and Utah.

Joining Garnett were Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis and Rajon Rondo. However, a notable absentee Ray Allen was a member of Boston’s Big Three with Pierce and Garnett.

However, Allen being absent is not new to the group. Pierce, Garnett and the other ex-Celtics hold a big grudge against their former Boston teammate ever since the shooting guard decided to exit Boston in 2012 as a free agent and join Miami.

The Heat eliminated Boston in 2011 in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference as well as in 2012 in the Eastern Conference finals.

Problems between former teammates that started with Garnett losing the phone number of Allen and ignoring Allen have persisted, with Rondo as well as the other Celtics making a decision not to include Allen in their title reunion of 10 years that will be celebrated next year.

During the NBA Finals of 2013, Allen said that when he left Boston, the Celtics went their way and he went his.

Monday night, it did not take long for the former Celtics in attendance to bring up Allen, as talk quickly turned to the retired guard.

Garnett said that people cannot understand this is real life and the Ray situation is sensitive. Garnett added that when the group decided to do the reunion tour they talked about guys who they had considered loyal and part of their group.

Garnett continued by saying when Allen left to play for the Heat, he moved on and went to play for another ring and succeeded, which is good for him, but the people invited to the Celtics reunion were Celtics and not players from other teams.

Pierce, who retired when the Los Angeles Clippers were eliminated from the playoffs, said he had been hurt less by Allen turning down the Boston offer to remain with the Celtics than by how the entire thing went down.

Pierce said the group talked often about free agency but he said he thought a brotherhood had been formed both on and off the court and he thought that if he had been the one leaving or Garnett, they would have had at least spoken to the others.

Bottom line said Pierce was he was hurt because Allen did not even give the others a head’s up when he decided to sign with Miami.