Mark Cuban Says Dallas Did All it Could to Lose Games

Mark Cuban, the owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, did not hold back anything this week. Once it was official that his Mavericks were not reaching the 2017 NBA postseason in the early part of April, he said they tanked. Just as he said close to six months previously they would.

The Mavs lost five of their final seven regular season games with prospects playing the most minutes trying to win a spot on the roster for next season. The Mavericks sat down veteran superstar Dirk Nowitzki who did not play over 28 minutes in any of the final seven games.

That helped Dallas ease its way to the league’s ninth worst season record and eventually earn the No. 9 overall pick in the NBA draft scheduled for June 22.

Cuban was clear by saying that once his team was eliminated from the postseason it did everything possible to lose it games.

Until the lottery rules are changed by the NBA and the incentive of taking April off to earn a better draft pick is eliminated the league is not on stable ground should it make a decision to suspend or fine Cuban for the comments he made.

When Cuban was asked how his team tanked he said by playing its young players. He was asked if he spoke to his the team about it and he said no, since all players are the same, once they are on the court they play the best they can. What about the sports books like ? How do they feel about such commentary

Cuban added that the lottery is okay and reminded fans that until there are a better solution found, the way it is now is what the league lives with.

The 2-5 stretch to end the season for Dallas was enough to drop the team below New Orleans for the No. 9 spot in the rankings for the lottery, which was made even easier since New Orleans want to win every game since they owed their first pick to the Sacramento Kings due to their trade to acquire DeMarcus Cousins.

However, New Orleans lost five of its final six games sitting Anthony Davis the last three and Cousins the last four.

The team tanked it season hoping to increase its odds of landing a pick in the lottery’s top three, where Sacramento, through protection laws in the deal involving Cousins would have to return its pick back to the Pelicans.

That attempt failed, which is not surprising since the chance was just 1.5% of it landing a pick in the top three. Despite the odds, New Orleans still packed it in and Sacramento will have the No. 10 overall pick.