NBA player Enes Kanter Reportedly has Arrest Warrant Back Home

Enes Kanter is reportedly being sought by Turkish authorities with an arrest warrant said to have been issued on Friday in his home country.

The center for the Oklahoma City Thunder has be outspoken in his criticism for Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and recently has expressed his gratitude for having returned to the U.S. after being detained for a short period while in Turkey when his passport became revoked.

According to a newspaper in Turkey, that is reportedly pro-government, the Oklahoma City center was accused of being part of the Fethullah Gulen and of holding membership in a terror group.

Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish cleric who has lived in the Poconos in exile and is accused of being behind the attempted coup.

Following that day back during July, with which Gulen has denied involvement and condemned the regime of Erdogan to carry out a swiftly and violent crackdown.

During the attempted coup hundreds were killed while thousands were rounded up. Kanter, amongst other alleged it was nothing more that Erdogan behind the current problems.

Kanter wrote an essay that was published in the Player’s Tribune that said things were very bad in Turkey and that it was not his opinion. He added that he did not know everything taking place in Turkey but he did have some facts.

The Media and newspaper are restricted. Academics were fired and peaceful protests not allowed. Several people were imprisoned without any real cause of charges.

There have also been reports of people be tortured, raped and worse.

A judge apparently issued the new arrest warrant after a prosecutor in Istanbul opened a new investigation into the alleged recruitment by Sanders into an armed terrorist group.

The arrest warrant referred to the alleged use by Kanter of a messaging app that is encrypted known as Bylock, which Turkey claims had been created especially for supporters of Gulen.

The paper reported that a prosecutor applied for a notice to be sent to Interpol, one that would have alerted 190 nations with their membership

On Saturday, Kanter posted his personal video while at the Romanian Airport claiming he would not be able to travel further due to political views and for calling the Turkish president the Hitler of our country.

Kanter has a U.S. green card, but did say he appeared country-less and was open to an adoption.