Signing of Austin Davis Confirms Talent Not the Issue with Colin Kaepernick

Everyone knows that Austin Davis is not as talented a quarterback as Colin Kaepernick. There really is no debate with that, as Kaepernick has five full seasons of starting experience, an appearance in the Super Bowl and over 12,000 yards passing for his career.

Davis in 2015 was released by the Los Angeles Rams and in 2016 by the lowly Cleveland Browns. Last season he was far down the depth chart of the Denver Broncos behind both Trevor Siemian and backup Paxton Lynch.

Pete Carroll the head coach for Seattle said after he signed Davis instead of Kaepernick that Kaepernick is an NFL starter and the Seahawks have a starter, but some team will give him an opportunity to play.

The remarks made by Carroll are quite similar to those made by John Harbaugh the head coach of Baltimore. He called Kaepernick a good player but needs to prove he can win and will get the chance to do so again.

So a disconnect exists somewhere between the things that coaches such as Harbaugh and Carroll say and what is taking place during the offseason with Kaepernick’s free agency.

If at least two coaches in the league consider Kaepernick to have enough talent to be a starter for some team then way has no team signed the free agent?

The answers to that question vary and part of it is how much politics plays a part in the front office minds in the NFL.

Many believe Kaepernick became a political target due to his protests during the national anthem that made teams uncomfortable with the player. However, Harbaugh said he would never use a stupid term that is generic such as blackballed in describing the current situation.

However, John Mara the owner of the New York Giants recently said that in all his years in the NFL, he never was sent more emotional mail by people than what he got last season related to the issue.

Kaepernick and his advisors might be asking for too high of a contract. That could be why signing Davis to likely the minimum for a veteran quarterback would work better for Seattle than signing Kaepernick to close to starter salary in the NFL.

A combination of any number of reasons is likely at play though currently little doubt exists that some teams, likely far from all, do not want the player due to his decision to take a knee during the national anthem.