Technical Foul Confusion Just Part of NBA Finals Game 4 Tension

NBA referees said that miscommunication with members of the scorer’s table caused confusion following a technical foul on Draymond Green during third quarter in Friday night’s NBA Finals Game 4.

The confusion led to Green being ejected before the call was then overturned.

During the first quarter, a technical foul that was called on Steve Kerr the Golden State Warriors head coach had been recorded incorrectly by the game’s official scorer as being called on Green.

It was first announced as being call against Green and remained that way in the box score. The mistake did not get corrected.

Therefore, when Green received a technical foul in the second half it seemed he should be ejected. Only then did the mistake get fixed and Green stayed in the game.

For both the teams and crowd it was very confusing. The crowd thought Green should have been given an ejection for having a pair of technical fouls.

Officials following the game said they thought the scorer’s table had been informed that the technical foul called had been for Kerr.

However, Green told reporters he believed Davis, the ref who called his technical during the fourth quarter, did believe it to be the second technical on Green and was preparing to eject him due to a mild reaction to being called for a foul.

Replays of the first quarter showed the referee reacted to the jumping off the bench of Kerr to protest a foul for elbowing on Green during a jump ball.

Green said that he knew the second half technical foul was his first of the game. Green said one official asked another who the first technical had been called on and the official said Kerr,

Green has four technical fouls during the postseason, but a suspension of one game does not come until his seventh.

Green last season was suspended during the NBA Finals for Game 5 and is pleased that he will play Monday at home in Game 5.

The non-ejection was one of a number of moments that were tension-filled during Game 4 on Friday.

Golden State star forward Kevin Durant and NBA superstar LeBron James both received technical fouls after they jawed with one another during the third quarter.

Zaza Pachulia a center for Golden State and Iman Shumpert a point guard for Cleveland were charged each with a technical foul after the two were tangled up when going for a loose ball.