Richard Sherman: I Never Requested to Be Traded

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said on Wednesday he never made a request to be traded from the NFC West Seattle Seahawks, but understood why his team was listening to other team’s making offers for him to play for them.

The conversation, said Sherman, takes place each year and believes that this year it was known my more people. It is a conversation where all players are available and the teams discuss possibilities of deals for nearly everyone.

In what was his first news conference since last season ended, Sherman spoke about several issues, from the rumors about being traded that were present during the offseason to the report indicating he was the centerpiece of discontent in the locker rooms that stemmed from the Seahawks loss to New England in the Super Bowl to conduct during part of the 2016 tumultuous season.

However, it appears Sherman has repaired any of the rifts that might have lingered over the possible trade talk, his conduct last year or the report by ESPN that questions the relationship he had with Russell Wilson the team’s starting quarterback.

Teammates Michael Bennett, Doug Baldwin and Bobby Wagner were with Sherman while he took questions for close to 20 minutes after the Seahawks ended their second minicamp practice.

Sherman said respect exists in the Seattle locker room for Wilson especially for the way he played during last season even though he had serious ankle and knee injuries.

Sherman called the relationship fantastic, that being teammates was like being a family. It is like everyone is family and we fight for each other. He added that the players on the team have a great appreciation for the toughness Wilson has and what he had had to play through.

Sherman’s entire NFL career has been with Seattle. He was a fifth round draft pick and has become one of the NFL’s top cornerbacks with a salary that is guaranteed for 2017 of $11.4 million.

The future of Sherman with Seattle become uncertain after John Schneider the general manager of the team acknowledged last March the club had discussions with other clubs about a trade involving Sherman.

The discussions took place following a season in which some of the actions by Sherman appeared to take a precedent over his play at cornerback.

He did not apologize outright on Wednesday for last season’s actions when he became irate on the team’s sideline at both the offensive and defensive coordinators, but did say he might have gone too far.