Michael Floyd: Did Not Know Kombucha Tea Had Alcohol

Michael Floyd released a prepared statement through his agent that blamed his positive alcohol test on Kombucha tea. His statement said that the NFL wide receiver did not know that the drink contains alcohol.

One of the conditions of Floyd’s house arrest is that he cannot drink any alcohol. He was arrested in December for DUI while in Arizona, when police found him behind the wheel of a car passed out. The Arizona Cardinals subsequently cut the receiver.

In his statement, Floyd said that he began his home monitoring of 96 days March 13. 2017. Over that period of time, Floyd said he was tested at least six times each day. For the first 90 days the blood alcohol content of Floyd was 0.0 for every one of more than 500 tests.

However, on June 10, Floyd watched movies at home until about 3:00 a.m. During the time he watched movies he drank a number of bottles of kombucha tea not aware the drink contained alcohol.

The next morning, Floyd said he was tested and the content of alcohol was 0.055. He was then tested a few minutes later and it had dropped to 0.045.

A third drug test was given to Floyd only 30 minutes later and his alcohol content in the blood had fallen to 0.044.

Floyd was just 5 days from ending his 96-day home monitoring. Before and after the incident, Floyd has not drunk any alcohol since he began his 96-day monitoring cycle.

Unfortunately, the teas that Floyd drank resulted in the blood alcohol content rate registering and because of that the court arranged for Floyd with them on June 26.

At that time, an opportunity will be given to Floyd to explain how the test results happened.

Webmd.com says that the fermentation process used in kombucha tea can yield trace amounts of alcohol.

Floyd was arrested in Scottsdale and his blood-alcohol level when tested was .217 and he received a sentence of 24 days in jail along with his house arrest of 96 days.

Following his arrest the Cardinals released Floyd and he ended his 2016 season playing for the New England Patriots. Following the season, he signed on May 10 the Minnesota Vikings.

Last month the sentence for house arrest was moved to Minnesota from Arizona, which gave him time to take part in the offseason program of the Vikings.