Jimmy Butler Becoming Hot Commodity As NBA Draft Approaches

For many fans of the Chicago Bulls, it is not about what players might be traded, but more about who will be making the trades and rebuilding the team.

Jimmy Butler the leading scorer for the Bulls had become a popular name tossed around in different trade rumors as the NBA Draft approaches. It appeared at first that Butler could be traded to the Boston Celtics, but late Monday other teams appeared to be entering the Butler trade market.

It was reported that the Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers were all exploring ways in which to trade for Butler with known players, prospects and future draft picks.

However, there is a lack of confidence by many in the front office of the Bulls – namely John Paxson the vice president and Gar Forman the general manager – to make a decent trade for Butler and replace his contributions to the team and upgrade the rest of the roster for the Bulls to move them up to the next level.

A series of second-guessed maneuvers by the pair have led to skepticism by many in the Windy City and have not helped the team in its turnaround to become a contender and future champion.

The past is the past but as far as Butler is concerned there are as many opinions for trading him as there are for keeping him.

Some say the Bulls need a more talented player than Butler. If he stays the team cannot win a title unless someone with more talent is eventually brought in.

Others claim Butler does not make his teammates any better on the court and often is best when dominating the basketball.

Those that want to keep Butler who is an All-Star and wants to remain in Chicago say he should only be traded if in the swap the replacement is equal to or better.

Butler plays well both offensively and defensively and there could be problems replacing his skills on both ends with just one player.

Boston’s interest in Butler has been long term and would include the No. 3 pick in the draft on Thursday. Minnesota is where former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau works and he knows how to best use Butler. Phoenix would likely be a third team that would help facilitate a bigger deal.

Cleveland’s talent and a possible championship in the short term could help attract Butler and free up some of the responsibility of LeBron James on both ends of the court.