Rockets Land Chris Paul But Want Paul George As Well

The Houston Rockets on Wednesday gave the NBA a big shaking up when they traded for Chris Paul the All-Star point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers.

That move, makes it look as the Rockets are loading up to take on Golden State the defending NBA champions.

At the same time, the Clippers might be headed toward a complete rebuild, as Blake Griffin their star forward will become a free agent in two days.

Even with James Harden and new backcourt mate Chris Paul, Houston might find it difficult to beat the Warriors. The two top teams in the league Golden State and the Cleveland Cavaliers have inspired other franchises to make moves to win now or gain draft picks and young talent to win down the road.

Houston and the Clippers, who were third and fourth respectively during the just completed regular season in the Western Conference, have chosen different paths during this current offseason.

With its trade for Paul, who is one of the best point guards in the NBA, Houston is clearly attempting to win now and not in the future.

James Harden, the second leading scorer in the NBA last season and runner up in the MVP voting to Russell Westbrook, pushed the Rockets front office to sign Paul.

However, several basketball pundits do not feel Paul is enough for the Rockets to be competitive with Golden State, who have stars such as Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson amongst others.

A minimum of one more piece is needed by Houston to give them a team capable of competing seriously with Golden State.

At this point, that piece might by Paul George, the talented forward with the Indiana Pacers. George has reportedly told officials with the Pacers that he would leave the team and sign with the Lakers after next season, which has led the team to see what it can acquire for George before he becomes a free agent.

George has not only been linked to Houston but to the Wizards, Celtics and of course the Lakers.

New rumors have surfaced that Carmelo Anthony the shooting forward for the Knicks might have his contract bought out by the team and he could move to Houston, but the Knicks say they refuse to buy out Anthony’s contract.

Other top players becoming free agents in July include Gordon Hayward the Utah Jazz forward, Paul Millsap a forward with Atlanta and Griffin.