Reports Say Carmelo Anthony Willing to Waive No-Trade Clause

The saga between the New York Knicks and forward Carmelo Anthony continues. A report on Sunday night said that Anthony was now willing to waive the no-trade clause in his contract if he was traded to either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Houston Rockets.

The Knicks and Anthony reached an impasse before the start of the just completed season and it continues with the player holding all the cards since he can reject every trade proposal the team comes up with.

That has worked to his advantage thus for as Phil Jackson the former President of the team was fired last week.

Houston appears to be an attractive place to play for Anthony now that the Rockets acquired Chris Paul and already have James Harden. The Rockets also signed P.J. Tucker.

That means the Rockets will likely be one of the top challengers in the Western Conference for Golden State in the 2017-18 season.

At the same time, Cleveland has been rumored for the entire season to be a destination for Carmelo and it is obvious after a series of just five games in the just completed NBA Finals that LeBron James is in need of more help if he and the franchise want to beat the powerful Golden State Warriors.

Of course, the biggest problem is both the Cavaliers and Rockets are topped out in the salary cap so whatever players they move to New York to receive Anthony would have to have salaries that are matching to his.

Anthony will earn $26 million next season, but neither the Rockets nor the Cavaliers would likely be willing to send a star player with a major contract to the Knicks.

That means the draw would be based on Draft picks for the future, but both Houston and Cleveland have sent first round picks for next year to the Clippers and Hawks respectively and an NBA rule does not allow teams to trade away their picks in the first round in two straight years.

The only possible way around all this would be for either team to offer the Knicks their first round picks in 2020 or trade back for their outgoing first round picks for 2018 prior to making a deal with New York.

Regardless of how you look it, acquiring Anthony for either of the two teams will not be easy. Both are in the same situation where they want to add the talented forward without tearing apart the current talent base that is already intact.