Jeff Green Could Make His Mark with Cleveland

Late Friday night, a third player was signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers during the offseason, bringing in Jeff Green the veteran swingman on a $2.3 million one-year deal.

The addition of Green to the roster will bring more depth to the bench, which was not as reliable during the postseason as the previous year. His presence will also give LeBron James a backup with experience and with plenty still in the tank.

When Green was drafted as the No. 5 overall pick during 2007, he was loaded with potential. At times he showed why he was selected as a top five pick. However, overall the time Green has spent in the NBA has been a rollercoaster with fewer ups than downs.

Green became a strong role with the Boston Celtics in 2010 and 2011, and thrived when playing beside starts like Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

After he was traded by the Celtics in 2015, Green’s play declined considerably with his average never exceeding 13 points a game. Defensively he went from being a solid player to suspect and his jump shot became too inconsistent.

Even with more going against Green at this point, acquiring him was a good decision by the Cavaliers.

During the past, LeBron has been able to get the best from his teammates so that should remain the same with Green, when he plays with James next season.

Another big reason why the signing of Green is a good thing for Cleveland is that he will not have to carry as big a load as he has been asked to in previous years with other teams.

With Memphis, Orlando and Los Angeles, Green was the focal point of the team, however with the Cavaliers he will be nothing more than a role player on a team that is championship caliber.

That role is one in which Green has not experienced for quite some time and he should thrive in that with the right opportunity.

Green on the surface has what it takes – 6-foot-9 and 235 pound he can handle the ball as if he were a guard but can also play in the paint and score when needed.

Green’s driving ability which gets him to the line is something LeBron will be happy playing with, and when James drives toward the rim, he will attract a number of players on the defense and Green could be the benefactor of a number of dish-offs from James for easy hoops.