Michael Floyd Receives Four-Game Suspension from NFL

Michael Floyd a wide receiver with the Minnesota Vikings was handed a suspension of four games without pay to start the 2017 NFL regular season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, league officials said on Friday.

Floyd, who at the time played for Arizona, was arrested for DUI in Arizona. This past December he was found sleeping at the wheel of his vehicle. His blood alcohol level at the time was .217 and on February 17 he was handed a 24-day sentence and house arrest of 96 days.

The wide receiver, who is 27, was cut by Arizona following his arrest and played the remainder of last season with New England, but was not active for Super Bowl LI against Atlanta.

In June, a disciplinary hearing was held between the NFL and Floyd; He faced a two-game minimum suspension under the policy of the NFL.

The former star at Notre Dame and native of Minnesota, signed a deal with the Vikings during the offseason, but after the deal, found himself in even more trouble.

He spent one day in jail that was ordered by an Arizona judge after he failed a number of alcohol tests, which violated his house arrest terms.

Floyd told a court that he was drinking kombucha tea and unaware that it had alcohol, which he said caused him to fail his test.

Kevin Warrant the CEO with the Vikings supported Floyd through a letter than attested to the player’s character and that kombucha tea had been used by a number of athletes as a probiotic and was available at the facility of the team on a daily basis.

On Thursday, in an article that the Pioneer Press published, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said that if his wide receiver was not telling him the truth about drinking the tea he said he drank, the receiver would have to face the consequences.

Zimmer told the Pioneer Press that if he found out that Floyd had been lying to him and did not drink the kombucha tea like he says, then Zimmer would cut him from the team.

With the newly-handed down suspension, Floyd cannot return to be placed on Minnesota’s active roster until October 2. However, he can take part in all of the team’s practices and games during preseason.

The NFL has become very strict with its alcohol and drug prevention policy that it negotiated with the NFL Players Association.