Several Believe Ezekiel Elliott Might Be Suspended

Ezekiel Elliott was drafted, played his first season in the NFL, played in his first Pro Bowl and his first offseason workout program.

However, he still has not been told by the NFL whether he will be punished related to the allegations of domestic violence that his former girlfriend leveled against him in 2015.

Columbus, Ohio prosecutors opted not to bring charges against the running back related to that matter. However, that does not mean he is completely out of the woods just yet.

A report late last week seems to indicate growing opinion that Elliott could face some type of short suspension over the upcoming weeks once the NFL ends its own investigation.

A report said that Elliot must still respond to the findings by the NFL and the report it sent to him on its findings and there is a possibility that he would miss one or at the most two games.

It appears from people close to Elliott that the running back is expecting some form of punishment to be handed down.

No timeline of any kind has been given, although Dallas is certainly hoping to have the issue resolved over the next couple of weeks just in case they must open the season against NFC East rivals the New York Giants without their top rusher from last season.

Elliott earlier in 2017 said that he was frustrated over the pace of the NFL investigation. He said he wanted closure and would rather that it not be dragged out so long. He added at that time that the police did not find anything with their investigation since there is nothing to find.

The NFL is reactive so this process that has stretched out for over two years in the case of Elliott is likely a response to the league’s lack of an investigation and its weak suspension handed down to Josh Brown, who was at the time the kicker for the New York Giants.

The outcry of the public for the suspension of one-game given Brown, when it was documented with evidence that he had been a serial abuser while married was strong and swift.

The professional sports leagues in the U.S. as with any other companies have their own forms of discipline when it relates to domestic abuse. However, it seems the NFL is being extra careful with his decision in this case due to the aforementioned cased involving Brown.