Jets Quarterback Situation Starting to Become Clearer

The New York Jets have had just four full team practices during training camp, but a clear picture of the quarterback race has already emerged.

The clear favorite to begin the season as the No. 1 signal caller for the Jets is Josh McCown, while Christian Hackenberg is second and has a shot to take the No. 1 spot, and Bryce Petty sits a distant third.

Jets head coach Todd Bowles already is upset about the daily series of questions about his quarterbacks. On Wednesday, he said that after only two days of full pads practice he is not giving an assessment and saying that one player is ahead of another is premature since it is a process.

However, it is not difficult to determine where each quarterback stands, even if coach Bowles does not say so. The overall reps are what tell the full story.

After four practices, McCown took 89 total snaps in team drills, of which almost all were with the first team. Hackenberg has taken 80 snaps and Petty just 45.

Bowles on Tuesday was asked when he would give both Hackenberg and Petty more reps, to which he answered when they begin to impress him, which is one more sign McCown is the clear leader at this point.

Bowles confirmed as well that he will make a selection of who his starting quarterback is based upon the guy that gives the team the best opportunity of winning.

After four practices, two of them with pads, none of the three signal callers stood out in a good or bad way. That is due in part because of the offense of the Jets being under John Morton a new offensive coordinator, that includes short dump off and in the flat passes that are typical of the West Coast offense.

Hardly any footballs have been thrown down field, making it hard to gauge how well each quarterback is doing.

Nevertheless, it is promising seeing Hackenberg has not yet thrown any interceptions in team drills. He struggled with accuracy as well as decision making during last year’s training camp and the preseason.

Petty is trying to just remain positive despite not having anywhere near the same number of reps as the two other quarterbacks.

During the past, Petty admits he would have been bothered by that, but said this year things were different.

He has been negative before and Petty says that was not good for him. He said this season he would enter camp not counting reps just making sure he executes each time he has reps.