Dolphins Reportedly Worried Tannehill Will Need Surgery

Ryan Tannehill and the AFC East Miami Dolphins are waiting to receive more medical opinions, but late Thursday a report was released that said the team is worried that Tannehill the starting quarterback will need to have surgery that will end his season on the left knee he injured during a non-contact drill during Thursday morning practice.

One source inside the Dolphins organization said that he thinks Tannehill is done for the season. He added that the quarterback and team could take a decision to rest his knee for between six and eight weeks in the hope it healed by itself without surgery.

However, the Dolphins have become increasingly more concerned that the most viable and the most likely option on the table is surgery.

Last December, Tannehill injured the same knee with a partially torn ACL, but did not need surgery, instead he chose to have stem-cell treatment, and one source in the organization said the knee had been a ticking time bomb because of the decision Tannehill took.

Tannehill had an MRI following his injury on Thursday that caused him to limp off the playing field, while no complete tears were detected a setback was reportedly suffered in the knee.

While team and player continue to wait for additional test results, team officials realize that the best solution over the long-term might for their quarterback might be to undergo surgery that would completely repair the ligaments that are partially torn.

That scenario would likely bring an end to his season, and sources on the teams say it remains an option.

For now, the No. 1 quarterback on the depth chart is Matt Moore, but reports are that Jay Cutler could be willing to restart his career in the NFL rather than be up in the broadcast booth for Fox Sports.

Cutler retired at the end of last season, but played for Miami Coach Adam Gase when Gase coached in Chicago during 2015.

However, Cutler would apparently only consider returning to play if he was guaranteed to start and given a salary of a starting quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick has also been mentioned by some close to the situation. Kaepernick is not the most popular of possible replacements given controversy he generated over Fidel Castro earlier this year.

Tannehill scrambled to the sideline in the first session of 11-on-11 Thursday morning, fell awkwardly, and immediately left the playing field.