Andrew Luck Timeline for Returning Not Known by Indy

It seems that anyone attempting to project the return of Andrew Luck to the playing field for the Indianapolis Colts is wasting his or her time.

Even Chuck Pagano the head coach for the Colts does not even know when his star quarterback will return, only days prior to the preseason opener for the team on Saturday against the Detroit Lions.

Pagano told a group of reporters on Tuesday that the team was where it is at with that situation. There is not a timeline where Luck is involved Pagano said. He told reporters that when doctors say he is healthy and can play, he will be on the field, as he has played a great deal of football and knows what he has to do to prepare.

Pagano is likely tired of having to answer the same questions repeatedly as he has, and is just as frustrated or more so of not have concrete answers himself.

Luck has done well to deflect scenarios of doom and despair about the upcoming season. He said recently not to worry, although that may have been the Colts cerebral quarterback trying to reflect on how important his injury is.

The Colts would never put the face of their franchise at risk, since risking Luck’s health for a chance at playing in the season opener or even the first couple of weeks would on their part be highly irresponsible.

The only thing that could make the Colts appear to be bad at this point, is if they are not prepared with a backup quarterback.

At this point, the Colts continue to praise and support Scott Tolzien. In his only start last season, Tolzien threw for 216 yards, one TD and a pair of interceptions.

If the team had even the slightest thought that Luck’s right shoulder would take as much time recovering and did not do all it could to strengthen their backup quarterback spot would be the only disappointment.

While other teams such as the Patriots, Giants, Bears, Bengals and 49ers have multiple quarterbacks that are serviceable that have the capacity to grind out a win, some teams do not have the same mindset of needing to have even a strong backup.

Tolzien may have matured as a player coming into his second season with the offense and his chance will come on Saturday to show his coaches they do not have to worry about Luck’s recovery timetable.