Sammy Watkins Expected to Play for Rams Against Raiders

It appears that Sammy Watkins is becoming comfortable with his new team.

Sean McVay the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams said on Monday that the team started to integrate Watkins, who was recently acquired, into its offense.

He added that he hoped the talented wide receiver will be comfortable enough with plays so that he can start the season opener against the Indianapolis Colts on September 10.

McVay said that there is a bit of urgency involved and one has to be mindful of the receiver’s progression and where he may need extra time to become fully integrated.

McVay added that just as with all the players, a foundation has to be started with and then the team’s concepts and the offense is built off that, that in the end will create a rhyme and reason for what they are doing.

McVay knows that Watkins will start behind others and it will take the gifted receiver more time to become accustomed to all the offensive schemes.

However, he added that the goal is that the coaches are intentional about focusing on this so that Watkins can be up to speed and have a solid feel for the team’s entire offense by the time the season opener comes around on September 10.

Until then, Watkins should get reps during the second preseason game for the Rams on Saturday against the Oakland Raiders.

McVay said that Watkins will be ready to play certain plays during the game on Saturday. Of course, McVay added that something could change, but the plan is that he is on the field for at least a handful of plays on Saturday and gets some looks.

Watkins, who is 24, was traded by Buffalo to the Rams last Friday along with a pick in in the sixth round for E.J. Gaines a cornerback and a second round pick in the 2018 draft.

Watkins caught four passes for 39 yards during the preseason opener for Buffalo on Thursday versus Minnesota prior to being traded.

Watkins was the No. 4 overall pick during the 2014 NFL draft. While with Buffalo, Watkins had 153 receptions and 17 touchdowns during 37 regular season games. He missed 11 of Buffalos past 32 games because of several different injuries.

Rams’ coaches hope Watkins can give them a threat down the field as well as over the middle.