Nick Saban Upset with Reporters’ Questions During Interview

Nick Saban the Alabama Crimson Tide football head coach is not a fan of predictions made during the preseason, especially the ones that concern players on his team, and his rant during an interview session on Wednesday is evidence of that when he was asked about Christian Miller his redshirt sophomore linebacker.

The Tide opens its regular season on September 2 against Florida State. With that date just 16 days away, Saban was asked how Miller had been faring during practice. That was all Saban needed for an opening, to begin his venting.

Saban said he did not know how Miller was faring. He added that the reporters are the ones who make all the predictions about everything, including about players who will one day be great players, and ones that have been great for the past few years.

Saban said the reporters say what team is going to win the games, and went on to add that he did not know why the teams even play.

He told reporters why do we play? Why do we practice? Why do why have competition? Why do we even coach the players? The rant continued when he said that the reporters are the ones with all the answers about how a player will be and what they will do during the season and for their career.

Saban continued to rant about why the reporters would ask such questions and that it puzzled him since they knew all the answers and knew how well a player would be so why ask him.

Saban said he reads stuff and then asks himself where it came from and then he is asked the same question.

After his long-winded rant, Saban cracked a smile and answered the question amidst a roomful of media.

With regard to Miller, he said the player was doing a nice job, played very well in camp and during the team scrimmage, so the coaching staff is very pleased with his progress.

Saban ranted earlier following the first spring practice as he took issue with the suggestion by a reporter that Alabama would implement a conservative offensive approach this season.

Saban’s has won four national championships in ten years with Alabama and one with LSU before taking the Alabama job.

Alabama is the preseason favorite to win the national championship in January. However, the Tide will have a big test out of the gate against the Seminoles two weeks from Saturday.