Which NFL teams are worth the most money?

Despite the current issues between the NFL and its players, and the continuing fall in TV ratings, which fell by 8% for last season, the financial fortunes of NFL teams seem to be in pretty good shape. The Dallas Cowboys are undoubtedly still the major players when it comes to worth, but they are not out on their own quite as much. Just five years ago, the Cowboys was the only franchise that was worth more than $2.5 billion dollars, now all the teams, bar five, are worth more than that.

Most of the wealth of the teams is due to lucrative TV contracts and impressive operating profits. The overall league profit of $3.2 billion last season was more than the profits of the other major sporting leagues combined.

Which teams are worth the most?

So, you can see that overall the NFL is a seriously wealthy sports league, but which franchises are currently the most valuable. Here are the current top ten high flyers.

  1. Dallas Cowboys are still in the number one spot, with a value of $4.8 billion and revenue of $840 million.
  2. Second place goes to New England Patriots, with a current worth of $3.7 billion and revenue of $575 million.
  3. New York Giants currently trail the front two, but not by much. Their current value is $3.3 billion and they have revenue of $477 million.
  4. Following the Giants are Washington Redskins with a value of $3.1 billion and revenue of $482 million.
  5. Half way down the top ten, we find San Francisco 49ers with a total worth of $3.05 billion and revenue of $48 million.
  6. The value of the Los Angeles Rams lies just below that of the 49ers, at $3 billion. Their revenue is $370 million.
  7. The Chicago Bears stand at number seven in the list of wealthiest franchises in the NFL, with a value of $2.8 billion and revenue of $416 million.
  8. In 8th spot on the list are Houston Texans. The team is worth $2.8 billion and has revenue of $433 million.
  9. Just inside the top ten most valuable teams in the NFL are the New York Jets, with a worth of $2.75 billion and revenue of $431 million.
  10. At number 10 on the list are the Philadelphia Eagles. Even in 10th spot, they have an impressive value of $2.65 billion and revenue of $400 million.

As you can see, all of the top 10 most valuable NFL franchises have impressive values and revenues. Despite its problems, the NFL is still thriving.

Sharing in the good fortune 

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It remains to be seen, which teams will be the top ten most valuable in the NFL in the future, although it does not seem as though the Cowboys will lose their number one placing any time soon. It also seems as though the NFL will continue to go from strength to strength, despite the current issues with players.